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Overwatch League | Seoul's Mistakes

OWL from Scratch, Nov 7, 2019

Overwatch is a complicated game where everything is bounded to your ability to clearly understand a game and adapt to the new intel. In this article, we will look at the professional eSport league and will analyze one of the most interesting matches. You will see the most common mistakes of the eSport professional Overwatch League and if you and your team will manage to fix these mistake you will quickly boost your positions at the official Overwatch SR ladder, like every booster at https://expertboosting.com.

new york excelsior overwatch

The greatest Seoul's issue was in their positioning. The positionings were not so bad, at first sight, but if you look precisely you will understand why New York abused such a mistake. The second mistake was in Jehong's deaths. If he would manage to survive two times, the whole game could turn differently, but the team does not have enough tools to peel enemies from it. The first death was when his ultimate was charged at 70% and the second one - at 90%. That hits extremely hard on the whole game and you could clearly see why it leads to the losing screen.

Let's analyze Seoul's mistakes:

  • Positioning - They took such a position that creates an awesome diving opportunity for the Excelsior and they used it as soon as possible.
  • Tank roles - Seoul makes the extremely strange decision, they forced one tank to dive while others left to peel. When you are playing around two tanks like D.Va and Winston you need to keep them together, otherwise, these heroes are just too squishy.
  • Tried to play around one hero - Look at their gameplay, the whole strategy was build around two players - Fleta and Jehong. Jehong and Fleta are amazing players, but with such an approach Munchkin's Tracer was left without attention.

seoul dynasty overwatch

By analyzing this game I could highlight one great detail - almost every professional Overwatch League team is ignoring the main feature of the game. This feature is the ability to switch your heroes just in the mid-game. And this is not only Seoul's mistake. A lot of professional teams are just too stubborn and do not like to switch heroes during the match. 

But Overwatch was conceived differently! Take Los Angeles Gladiators as an example, they are switching their strategies and compositions and they are forcing enemies to make mistakes and wrong decisions. The team must play as a team and to build everything around one or two key players. This is not some MOBA where one core hero could annihilate everything in the latest stages of the game. The strategy of the brute force is not working in Overwatch - no matter how good you are at the mechanical skill you will not be able to delete the whole team just on your own. Not in the current meta. This match was a clear example of how smart teams like New York Excelsior will find the weak spot in your strategy, put some pressure on it and the whole strategy will be destroyed.

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